It’s mid summer night again. The year passes to fast for my liking. Too much is going on and the events are flickering before your eyes like crystals in a kaleidoscope: Mass shootings are the order of the day in the “Land of the Brave and the Home of the Free”, again hundreds of refugees have been fished out of the Mediterranean, Cherie Blairs Health Emporium has crumbled and dozens of people have lost their employment and their investment (the company was of course registered in the Caiman Islands, where else….),  no end in sight for the wars in Syria, Irak and Libya, and Nigel Farrage has secured a £20 Million sponsorship for his fight against Britain’s membership in the European Union. Bravo Nigel, well done! This will certainly ensure David Cameron’s Referendum victory to keep Britain in (see the latest election results for the British Parliament), all that in 48 hours.

Let’s keep on dreaming that all is well. Thanks God we have Royal Ascot, Queens and Wimbledon to keep us entertained, the transfer rumours are exciting, the clubs are throwing millions and millions at guys whose only merit is to kick a ball twice a week for 90 minutes and despite our outrage and envy we are prepared to pay week for week inflated prices to see them doing it. Does this make sense to you? Young people with their inherent sixth sense for abuse of power and social injustice  and their sincere longing to make our world a better place take to the streets and voice their protests. Isn’t it wonderful how democratic we are to allow them to do this? But do we really listen to what they have to say or to allow them the slightest possibility to change things? Certainly not. It is much easier to classify them as leftist lunatics and have not’s who are only out to voice their social envy at whoever has more than they do. No, they are only worth 4th or 5th page media attention and we leave it to the guys from Russian Television (RT) to put them on the front page in the daily news. In fact you know what, it’s the immigrants that are the root of all problems. Without them we would be so much better off. Really? And it’s this Europe that allows them to come to our precious Islands and to make us feel like strangers in our own country. Really? So this has nothing to do with the fact that as a result of WW II and the crumbling of the colonial empires the sleuth gates were opened to the biggest wave of migration the world has ever seen? Come on, look at the facts. When the Indians and Pakistanis came to build and run our railways, that was OK. We used them, as we had used them when they were our property in the colonies. Bob Marley and Reggae is OK for listening and dancing but do they have to come over here to take our place or the people from Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Uganda and all the other Anglophone African countries. What are they doing here. Why didn’t they stay in their countries. Isn’t  Africa beautiful and exotic enough? What’s so nice in Brixton, Peckham and all the other places, that they had to come over here?

It’s payback time, Ladies and Gentlemen, haven’t you noticed? You took from us, now we are taking from you. All you white men in suburbia, have you ever listened to Radio Galaxy on 102.5 FM. If you want to know how the black man feels about you, tune in. You are in for a surprise and its not flattering. And now EUROPE, as if we did not have enough problems. We  now have to deal with  the peoples from Poland, Albania, Romania (most of them Gypsies, would you believe). Weren’t they all communists? We don’t trust the Russians, why trust them. MI 5 is working overtime!  Do we really have some many properties to renovate, so much rotten plumbing to repair, so many gardens to cultivate that we need all of them? Thank God they are not expensive and we save so much money in giving them our undeclared jobs instead of asking our Englishmen to do the job. And the ones that are exploited in underpaid, undeclared jobs, don’t they help some of us to make a nice profit? And the ones who do not find cheap labour jobs? Can you believe, we have to pay them benefits and give them social housing. That is really too much, don’t you think?

But don’t worry, you are not alone. The South/North and East/West deluge swaps over the borders of the entire European continent, leaving in its wake death bodies, desperate parents, crying children and totally despaired and young adults with no future. Neither battleships, fast patrol boats nor helicopters or 4 wheel drive land patrols can stop it. Our flood defences don’t work. In the US of A they tried to stop illegal migration from Mexico by building concrete walls, patrolled and guarded with Far West Gung Ho methods. In vain. Each President is forced to issue at least once during his term an amnesty to the tune of 5-10 million green cards. It’s a cat and mouse game, that the cat cannot win.

So what to do? Let us face reality. There is nothing that can be done to stem the human tide. We have missed the moment. Does the name Enoch Powell ring a bell?  Whoever promises to turn the clock back, is not telling the truth. The immigration figures recently released in Britain proof that all election campaign promises are hot air and yesterdays stories. We have to face the music there were it is played and that is on our doorsteps. We have to accept the fact, that the world is changing dramatically, the browning of America, the shifting of long established power centres, the fading of European culture in favour of a multicultural mishmash are indices that can only be negated by either narrow minded bureaucrats or misleading politicians for their own agendas. We have to stop dreaming and we have to accept reality and try to see immigrants for what they are: human beings like you and me with all their shortcomings and values, their fears and their hopes. When have you looked an immigrant straight into the eyes and offered him a smile. Whether you believe in a creator or not, these people deserve more than being treated like an item in a statistic. To treat this problem with cynicism, neglect or bravado does not help. If our politicians fail to offer viable and long term solutions, we, the people should remember our strength and take the matter into our own hands. This is the only way to save our identity. Staying passive will only play into the hands of radical minorities that will exploit the void that we have deliberately left.

Merci and hasta la vista.


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