Have you seen the pictures of the immigrant stampede in Calais? The French civil services are on strike (how dare they!) and all hell breaks loose. 3000 more poor souls trying to cross the channel to get to the promised land by all means and at all cost. WELCOME to the UNITED KINGDOM, the realm of welfare and benefits. How desperate must they be to walk thousands of miles, to cross perilous  waters to finally arrive in a place where they are not wanted.  Or is it perhaps the pull of the good news transmitted via smart phone and bush drums that they will find the land of milk and honey and the paradise of charity on our shores? We cannot allow that. Haven’t we promised to cut down on immigration figures to appease potential UKIP voters? So let’s add the war on illegal aliens to the war on terrorism. All in the name of wanting the best for our people, having nothing else but their interests on our minds. Really? Not all of us are up in arms, some try to cash in on the situation. Great, let’s help these desperados to cross illegally our borders, there is good money in smuggling them  white vans and  small cars, they  are less controlled. It is disgusting! But all moral outcry does not help us, it does not alter the fact, that we are facing perhaps the biggest dilemma in our history. You cannot stem the tide of human migration and related trafficking  fuelled by greed of some  and sheer desperation of others. Its nature’s law. If your bath tub runs over, it’s no use to try to mop the water up, you have to close the tap first. As everybody knows, in football an effective defence starts with a strong midfield and not at the box. So we have to go to where the trouble starts and try to arrange for a controlled immigration in the countries of origin. Oh, sorry I forgot that these are troubled and war torn places . With whom shall we discuss these problems in LIBYA, the government in Tripoli or the government in Benghazi or the tribes in the desert. To whom should we address the problem in SYRIA, you have the choice it’s either Assad or ISIS, and who will be responsible in IRAK ? Do we conveniently forget that we opened irresponsibly  Pandora’s box in North Africa and the Middle East just to please big brother on the other side of the Atlantic, all in the name of preserving our so called transatlantic special relationship. Special to whom? Certainly to our friends in the White House as long as it serves their interests and their interests only. Oh Yes, they protect their borders and exercise rigorous and stringent immigration controls and they have nothing to do with the huge immigration avalanche of North African and Middle Eastern origin that are the direct result of their ill advised and not thought through military adventures a la John Wayne in the name of the fight against terrorism.  And what did we do? The British bulldog wagged its tail, but did not bite and now we are all suffering the consequences. Where are the courageous politicians that dare to stand up to big brother? Is all that is left to us to become the 52nd State of the US of A. I think we deserve better, my friends. Britannia, you had been warned, but you did not listen.

But what to do? Now they are in and more are coming and no end in sight! Oh yes, let’s cut the benefits and public welfare. That’s the way forward. You will see, once we have dried out the stream of milk and honey, they will go voluntarily back to where they came from. Look at our transatlantic brothers, no welfare, no benefits! You work or you die, the choice is yours. Yes, that is the solution! And what happens to your own people, the ones who have worked at minimum wages all their lives, who have become sick because they did not have the money to buy organic food , the ones who lost their pensions and their lifesavings because they were duped by scrupulous get rich schemes in the badly controlled  jungle of pension regulations and deregulations, the ones that are handicapped and to ill to work? Do we throw them on the heap of unwanted surplus? Oh no, we have charities for these guys. And what’s wrong with having the choice in winter to either freeze or eat? At least they have a choice. Of course we have to cut subsidies for these charities in the name of austerity. Let the public jump with their contributions, it’s a good feeling to be generous especially at Christmas ! We have all to make sacrifices. Really? Explain to me then why according to the Times rich list, the top earners doubled their money between 2008 and 2015; i.e. in only 7 years! Is this what you call austerity? This year we celebrate with pomp  Magna Carta which in 1215 granted us amongst other rights equality. How come that today, 800 years later, some are still more equal as others and their number is constantly rising.. Think about it! Wake up people. Arise and make your voices heard. Sorry, I forgot that you did that at the last election. Done and dusted and back to sleep. Let THEM do their thing, they know better. As long as they leave us our X Factor, Kardashians and football, we are fine. Have a good rest, when you will finally wake up, you won’t recognize your countries anymore. But then, who knows, perhaps you like it that way. Merci and hasta la vista.


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