Before we are going any further, I have to make an observation regarding Russel Brand’s remark published in the Huffington Post of June 3rd 2015, that “the minute of silence (for the victim of the terror attack in Tunisia) is futile b…sht). It is not the question whether you are right or wrong Russel, it’s bad taste to make such a remark in the face of all the relatives and friends who have lost loved ones in this senseless attack. Let them have the chance to grieve.

However I totally agree that we have to ask ourselves some serious questions about the reasons of the ever growing terrorist threat and that we must go to the source of it should we seriously want to solve this problem. There should be no taboos to bring to light the damaging results of doubtful military interventions and shady arms trading. I personally regret the frequent absence of parliamentary control and public information in the decision making process. It’s much to easy to hide behind the smoke screen of state secrecy in the name of public security. When I decided to ask the question: Which One is Your God? I had still had the immigration issue on my mind. With escalading problems in the migration war zone of Calais and more poor souls drowning in the Mediterranean sea trying to reach European shores I do not see any radical solution to the problem.  Well intended or just opportunistic rhetoric about drastic action to significantly reduce the number of immigrants from South and East is simply not followed by coherent action and quite frankly never will. It is too late to stem the tide, we missed out on the occasion decades ago. The only reasonable thing to do is to come to terms with the fact that the social fabric of our societies is significantly and irrevocably changing. And the sooner we realise and accept this, the better for all of us. And let’s face it, we are experiencing a general cultural decline in our so called Western world, nothing sensational or new but just following eternal cycles of decline and rebirth. Perhaps the mass migration we are facing will save us by creating something new, but certainly enough it is installing fear in those who want to cling at all cost on to what they know.

In order to find a comforting compromise, the thought of a New World Order was born. The idea coming first from our overseas cousins, was initially hailed – like almost everything that comes from America- as the wonder medicine that would heal the wounds of our societies in turmoil. This concept of a “Multicultural Society” was rapidly adopted by Governments and Institutions all over he Western World, and it did not take long before this idea was extended into the spiritual realm and comprised all religions and believe patterns. Some, like the followers of the Baha’i faith for example, started propagating a new found “Unity in Diversity”, a concept in which racism, different cultural heritage and economic excesses of all sort do not have a place. But following a more secular approach, the Human Rights Charta was voted in the United Nations and accepted as the basis on which societies could be built.

However the reality in which we live shows very clearly that this is not working, and here is why: The Human Rights Charta is based on centuries of human history and evolution from Magna Carta to the French Revolution, from the writings of ancient Greek philosophers to modern day constitutions. It is written in stone and put under the protection of supreme courts all over the Western world, but its interpretation depends very much on the  background of the observer. Whether one cherishes republican values or a one is a  Royalist, a new born federal democrat or a centralist, one follows the extreme right or left,  you will see things differently but everyone will use the Human Rights to defend his or her views. And this sometimes to the extreme of abuse. Most recent and sometimes violent discussions regarding such delicate subjects as abortion, gay rights and same sex marriages and adoptions are proof of the fault lines within our  western societies. Even the democratic principle of accepting majority decisions in the law making process is only smoothing the surface over, deep inside our fractional communities the differences continue, because our cultural background is not only determined by  history, customs and traditions but foremost by our different beliefs and religions.

Before the Protestant reformation, the Occident was largely united under the supremacy of the Catholic Church that held the different peoples together with iron discipline and draconic measures. The instigated fear of burning in hell for wrongdoers and the infamous tools of the inquisition for those who dared to develop their own ideas of spiritual development are graphic examples. After the Reformation the unity of the Occident was sacrificed on the altar of deep religious differences that was fought out in wars in the name of God, a God that each side claimed to be exclusively its ultimate authority. These differences within the Christian world were multiplied by the appearance of a multitude of sects and religious movements within the established religions, each claiming to possess the absolute truth and having the authority to act and speak in the name of their God.

An now, mass migration from various parts of the world into Europe’s “Christian Abendland”, is putting all these inter faith differences and quarrels on the backburner. With immigration came ISLAM. At first it trickled with the arrival of the Turkish labour force in Germany, then it accelerated in the wake of the war in the Balkans and now the numbers of Muslim believers that settle in our communities are counted in the millions. What the Ottoman Empire could not achieve through wars in the 17th and 18th century, is happening now through the backdoor: Europe is coming slowly but surely under the influence of ISLAM and there is no way back! And with ISLAM came a new God. This time not a Christian God personified in Jesus Christ but Allah, as manifested through Mohammed. I am not saying, that this is a good thing or a bad thing, I am just stating the facts. It was hoped, that the Muslim believers could be absorbed in our multi cultural society, but how could ever anybody think that this could work. How can you reconcile the Muslim Sharia laws with Human Rights? How can you for example explain to a true Muslim believer the concept of Gay rights, same sex marriage and adoption. These ideas are deeply abhorred and they will never be accepted.  It seems that finally our politicians have woken up to the fact, that the so called multicultural society is not going to work. Recent statements of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the British PM David Cameron highlight this defeat. But what to do? Yes, there are solutions to this problem. We will certainly address them in our next blog and we will certainly deepen the dilemma of having to deal with multiple supreme authorities that we call God. Have you thought which one is yours, a single one, a multitude or perhaps none?

It’s enough for today, merci and hasta la vista.



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